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PROAIM D-10 ladder dolly


37 662.50 руб.

•Dimension of dolly platform :- 12''x 11.5''
•Dolly platform made of :-Delrin sheet (black color)
•Thickness of dolly platform:-12.5mm
•Weight of dolly (without track):-1.52 kg
•Weight of track:-4.7 kg
•Dolly wheel dia:-:-65mm
•Guide wheel dia:-48mm
•Radius of bowl adapter :-82mm
•Total length of track :- 6ft
•Total Track pipe (Section) :- 4
•Dia of track pipe :-21mm
•Tripod mounting slots :- 3/8'' and 1/4''
•Track made of :- Aluminum
•Wheels made of:-High grade PU
•Total weight of dolly :-8.2 kg
•Dimension of packing bag :-102cm x 39cm x 19cm